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I want doors. I have a need to go away by myself sometimes. It's hard with three children who do not currently have much respect for the idea of doors at least with reference to Mom. But it's necessary; if I can't have it physically, I'll find it mentally. Frankly I think a physical withdrawal behind doors is better and healthier.

If, by some very long chance, I could have my polyship under one roof, I can't imagine not having separate rooms for the adults. Liam is very extroverted, but needs to take his own space if for no other reason than not to dominate the rest of the household with his personal preferences. (I like the news and documentaries, too, but not as much new sinput as he likes to take in, nor the same type of documentaries. The children have entirely different interests). Jai is more introverted, and would need a space to call his own in that situation, I think. I know I need it -- if not always, then at times. It helps me recharge.
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