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PunkRockAwesomesauce went to work yesterday super early, so he could be home in time to go see DarkKnight sing in his choral show. I was so happy he came to watch with me! What a sweetheart.

DarkKnight was looking mighty adorable in his tux too. It's funny to me that my husband owns two full tuxedos. It just seems a tad ridiculous. Anyway, I am going to post a photo of him all spiffy-looking in my album.

DarkKnight's cousin came to the show too, so PunkRock got to meet a member of our extended family for the first time ever. It wasn't awkward, but DarkKnight's cousin completely avoided the topic of poly and didn't ask a single question about our relationship. I didn't say anything to bring up the topic either - when I introduced him, I just said, "This is PunkRockAwesomesauce." I didn't tack on that he is my boyfriend, because the cousin already has that piece of information. It seemed to go well.

We are heading back to PunkRock's brother's house today, to feed the brother's bird and mow the lawn there. PunkRock has some items to transport too, still, so we will be loading up my van with furniture and boxes again. I have been promised guacamole today - I've been craving it half the week!
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