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Loverevolutionary here, Albuquerque practicing poly, new to the site. I was born into a polyamorous relationship. I've been with my current primary partner for ten years, we've been married six years, open for three, and with our current for two years now. My first adult experience with polyamory came in 1999, with Polypaths in Hawaii, a great community.
We are non-heirarchical by nature, but I am a natural leader/facilitator and my wife is a natural manager/facilitator. We are seeking to build a polyamorous community in New Mexico. It's been tried before, and there are many interested people here. The poly group for New Mexico has a number of interested folks, but no actual meetups. We could build something like Polypaths in Hawaii, a weekly discussion group that fosters community and relationships.
I like this site. It is obviously non-commercial, built by polyamorists, for polyamorists. It features 'Spirituality and Polyamory' as a top level category. Polyamory at its best is intensely spiritual. If you are looking for a quick screw, try swinging. That's nice too, but has a slightly different focus from polyamory. Polyamory is about emotional intimacy and vulnerability with multiple people. We have all become the people we are today because of the people we have loved, and who have loved us. There is no better feeling in the world than letting down all the masks and being real with someone. Why would we want to limit that to one other person?
Well, that is who I am, and I am seeking like minded people in New Mexico. You can email me through this site, or my email address is the same as my username here, but at I will be posting in the forums here a fair amount. I will also attempt to organize and facilitate through

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