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It's lovely, Jane. I slept very well. Smell is such a turn on for me.

So this months class is finished, I have one month "off" and by off I mean working on the un-timed class only, then back at it again. Ugh.

I had decided not apply for any new jobs, my clinical supervisor said I had more than enough to do for the next year, and as a frequently unsupported co-parent shouldn't take on a new job on top of class etc. I must admit she speaks the truth. A survey of family, friends and the men folk confirmed that too. Everyone thinks i have enough to deal with. I kind of thought that but was all excited about a new challenge.
However, I did spot one that is a level up but not too demanding and applied. We shall see.

There has been all sorts going on, but am supposed to be packing the car for camping. . I needed a little sit-down.
The kids are I are meeting JOe and min-joe and having a practice camp.
My 2 haven't been since I was with the ex, but I think we should be able to manage.
I had a super deal lined up with my doggie friends for their spotless wagon/estate car and was going to sell my compact to Prof's friend. However the noise in my car, that the dealership maintains is not a noise, put her off, so it all fell through. Looks like I am stuck with my small car. But whilst chatting to Prof about cars etc he said he wants to get a pop-up camper van so he can do trips with me and the kids. 8 hours later he is in talks with someone on Craigslist and planning to go get a cashier's check today to buy it. If various things check out he wants me and the munchkins to drive him up there tomorrow to buy it.
TL;DR Prof is going to buy a camper!!!!! Dont have to worry about cramming stuff in my small car.
Me: mid 40s female.
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