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I've been listening to "Good Life" by OneRepublic today. "We all got our stories but please tell me, what there is to complain about."

My life is good. So happy. I have problems and stresses, but so much more is positive and wonderful.

Tomorrow is 4 months for PunkRockAwesomesauce and me. I told him last night that I feel like a weight has been lifted from me with that date so close. Subconsciously I keep waiting for our relationship to take the same path that my love with M did, and we are so far off that course, it isn't even comparative in the least bit. It is a sigh of relief still, to have reached this marker and feel so absolutely in tune and in love. It very much feels like forever, like I felt when DarkKnight and I first started dating.

My sister posted one of those picture memes on her Facebook yesterday - only this one was about how important sisters are, and how much she loves her sister. It was kind of surreal - I had no idea how to respond. So out of character for her. Though I must say that lately I haven't had to delete any comments from her, what she writes is always funny, instead of bitchy and judgemental. I hope to go to NY in August, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this continues in a positive manner too.

My new tattoo was itching last night - I wanted to take a belt sander to it. This morning it feels better. Sucks that it is on my hand, because it is so easy for me to reach! At least when I had my shoulder & back tats done, it took effort to touch them, so I didn't cause any damage. I am trying my best to leave it alone!

Funny story - yesterday I got my hair cut and the stylist had a heart tattoo on her left hand too. She noticed mine and complimented me on the color and the infinity sign, and wondered if it had a meaning. So I explained polyamory to her and she was ecstatic over it. "You always hear of guys doing that, of having multiple women and wives. I didn't know women could have multiple husbands! That's super cool!" She said she was going to read about it online later. Lol It was fun to hear her questions about my life.
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