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Default Hboxceee teaching

Yes, I definitely want to be a submissive. You are like the third person who has said I should join fetlife....I definitely will. As far as the relationship, I don't want a quick lay by some stranger who gets off on crossdressers, and neither does my wife. A committed relationship is the only way this would work for us. We both have bi tendencies, but haven't been with the same sex before. I know there is that possibility that she could fall for another man, but if there are rules in place, shouldn't those be followed? Who knows, I might be completely ok with her having a bf in the future once we get our feet underneath us in this new lifestyle. You are so right, this fantasy is so amazing, and I am ready for the reality of having a dom/bf who truly enjoys my fem side. Thank you so much for your comments and help!!
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