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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Um, so isn't an ongoing conversation in a discussion thread exactly that - "progress?"
Some conversations don’t progress as well as others, but sure, of course. What I meant was that if a person can articulate internal conflict, that’s progress all by itself, and I'm always flattered to imagine I had something to do with it. I don’t always recognize it when I see it, but when I do, I try not to come down too hard on every bothersome element in the mix, unless it's one that doesn’t seem to be in motion, that I just have to try to dislodge by all means necessary.

Originally Posted by london View Post
Many of us believe that the crux of polyamory isn't having multiple partners, it's accepting your partner(s) having other loves.
I don’t think any human being has ever said it better.

Originally Posted by london View Post
I'm one of those people who absolutely see my liking for a bit of random and spontaneous sex, casual short term relationships and not quite boyfriend's as me exercising my freedom to form multiple simultaneous loving relationships with the consent of all involved.
Hmm, I think that helps me better understand what bothered you earlier, London. And now I’m curious. You speak of short, loving relationships. Some of my loving relationships are shorter than others, but it seems always to hurt me when we part. It can take weeks, or months, before I recover. Anyone who is seeing me romantically during this time would not be seeing me at my best.

If I may beckon you out a bit further, I would ask, what are partings like for you?

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