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they'd all laughed at her and said that there was nothing unusual about her. They'd all done that when they were young. Then it seems that for a lot of people a change comes. They seem to become more closed down, more worried about appearances. They often want marriage, children, they worry about their house and want a better car.
Interestingly enough, I've always thought I'd be a family man myself, ever since I was a teenager. I'd be willing to sacrifice quite a bit for the right partner, because I believe that parenthood requires a commitment that goes well beyond romance. It seems likely that my polyamorous nature, which only adds monographs to my heart rather than replace them in turn, has made it more difficult, and not easier, for me to settle down over time. If a family were all I wanted, I could have had it twenty years ago. I have failed to find a romance that doesn't also come with all the volatility, the jealousy and bitterness that result from my freely admitted indifference toward monogamy. There are other factors to my romantic failures, of course, but this is a major one, everpresent.

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For the past few years I've been in a mono relationship with a man who identifies as poly and who thinks that everybody should have open relationships. I haven't asked him to change his views or made attempts to control him but what I have said is that if he wishes to live that way then he and I should switch our relationship back to one of friendship. I am only willing to deal with one romantic relationship in my life.
If everyone knew themselves as well as you do now, a lot of people would be a lot happier.
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