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Default Bullies be Cray-Cray!

OMG, I'm ready to plotz.

Quick recap:
- Mom passes away, I contact "landlord" to figure out schedule.
- "Landlord" doesn't really have an agreement or paperwork, but DOES want me to turn the key over on the day of the wake.
- "Landlord" (henceforth known as Crazy Woman) shows up right before the wake, intending to stay there. A "hell no" ensues.
- Crazy Woman shows up at the wake and attempts to discuss the matter there.
- YouAreHere stops all further contact with Crazy Woman until paperwork is decided, and finishes cleaning out the property with sisters.
- Crazy Woman breaks into the property and changes the locks, threatens to bill the estate for trash removal.
- Property is a trailer in a trailer park. President of the park assures me that a background check is required, the deed needs to be cleaned up, etc. before she can do anything (and he's not thrilled about what she's doing).
- Lawyers inform me that the property is, in fact, rightfully owned by my mom's deceased partner's heirs (the property was awarded to him in the divorce).

So... the property is not part of my mother's estate anymore, and Crazy Woman has no legal right to the property. Yay, right?

Crazy Woman is now bullying the son (not HER kid, but her ex-husband's kid from a prior relationship), telling him that she owns half the property, and that he'll have to spend soooooooo much money going to get the deed filed, going through probate, and taking care of back taxes and lot rent, that he may as well just give it to her.

Difficulty Level: She never filed a quitclaim deed after the divorce, which DID award the trailer to her ex. There is a caveat in the divorce paperwork that states that (A) her ex could file the quitclaim in her stead if she didn't do it, and (B) if people ignore the direction of the paperwork, it doesn't mean it lacks standing. Her name is still on the deed, but only because the paperwork wasn't done. The paperwork CAN be done to clean it up, but in the meantime, she gets to wave an old piece of paper around that the police are deferring to.

AUGH! What an effing vulture.

I gave him the number of the president of the park, who has been dealing with deed issues on other properties in the park, so he knows what he's doing. The son can work out the deed issues with him (there's no back lot rent - my mother was paying that, and she was paid up), and the park is willing to buy the property, despite any back taxes.

I recommended he work with the president only and just quit dealing with Crazy Woman. CW can deal with the park directly. But I don't really have a horse in this race anymore, so I can only advise. What a friggin' mess... it makes me want to crusade against her ever setting foot in the place, out of spite, but I really need to back away at this point, unless the son contacts me more.


Thank God most of the people I know are decent human beings who give me faith in the human race, so people like this don't sour me on the future of this planet. And thank God I got all of mom's important things out of there before this mess got worse. I just hope CW doesn't get rewarded for her shitty behavior.
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