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Ha! She pressures herself more than I do. My homeschool has always been more of an unschooling experience, being child-led. She picks what she wants to learn about, and I find the resources. We change the program to match what she wants to know. Our discussion today centered around the fact that up until now she has wanted to continue being science and math heavy. She has earned 3 science credits already - but if she's no longer interested, then it would be silly for me to focus our limited schooling budget on building courses around it.

So for me, it isn't so much that she needs to decide on a life-long pursuit as just a direction to be moving toward so I can purchase curriculum. I don't even have my own career figured out, and I personally think that most people will probably have many different interests and careers over the course of their lives.

We have actually discussed her having a gap year and traveling after high school. She isn't a high achiever - she has language disabilities that make school more difficult for her. She is very reserved though, and nervous about traveling alone. We will see!

She has actually come full circle - in 6th grade she very much wanted to be a police officer. She would not qualify to serve in the military, so she was down about that for a while. It is certainly interesting to see where her interests lead her!
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