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Today is a good day. I've spent most of it focused on homeschooling - finishing up the year and planning curriculum for the Fall. My daughter unfortunately is going to have a very busy summer full of Algebra 2 and lots of journal writing assignments. I won't let her pass tenth grade, since she has so much undone, so she is a little bit upset. However, she's been a slacker all year and now needs to finish. We spent some time going over her career goals - which she keeps changing - but it looks like she's committed to criminal justice right now. We'll see, I suppose. She's taking another online Coursera class through Penn State in September; this one will be on Constitutional Law. She has taken two online college courses already - Energy & the Environment, and Population Health.

Anyway, I like planning. I'm fairly organized, and checking off lists and ordering things makes me a happy person.

I have to say though, I am disappointed that she has changed her focus. I've gained a reputation for being the "science mom" and this will be the first year where I won't be holding classes for other kids. However, my daughter now has 3 science credits, and I don't feel like time will be well spent for her, if she takes any more. I was planning on teaching Astronomy in the Fall, but I won't have time, I don't think. So, instead I am thinking of using that time to look at finishing up my Bachelor's degree. I am like one semester short of a BS in International Business, but I think that idea is stupid. I like the thought of switching to a science major and starting my own business offering science classes and courses and camps. I don't know if it is financially viable, but I've made a little bit of money the last few years teaching high school chemistry and biology. I just think if I were to make it an official business, I'd need a degree to give it some solid backing. I don't want to end up with more student loan debt though. I need to research scholarships and grants for middle aged moms, small business entrepreneurs. That sort of thing. It's exciting to think about.

Sigh. Anyway, I might teach Astronomy anyway, so I don't lose my momentum with kids who keep signing up for my classes. Plus, I love Astronomy. I will have to think about it!
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