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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post

When I was new to poly, I used to jump on all the stupidest little things because I was insecure about my partner being with others, and rather than dealing with my feelings, I was trying to tell myself it was all good. Eventually I realized that fixating on small "concrete" details was a coverup for dealing with my feelings.

Has your partner met the other woman? It might help if she realizes the woman is a real person, not just a faceless cootie-maker
I agree with this! I definately was jumping all over my partner at first about every little thing. I even had a girlfriend of mine tell me I was overeacting. I realized it was true, and even though there are still little things that are bothersome, I make it a point to talk about my feelings the moment we have a spare moment. This definately sounds like something deeper is going on. Is she involved with anyone else? Do you live together?

And I also agree that maybe they should meet if they haven't.
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