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So I've been doing a lot of thinking about the situation, and perhaps why I'm more susceptible than usual. Given that my husband has been gone for so long, I'm lonely. I've also gained some weight, so the attention is very flattering. John has been working a lot so he hasn't been able to come over as often as he usually does, and we still haven't really been able to have PIV. I'm coming to accept that he simply has a very, very low sex drive in addition to the impotence. Given that I have a very, very high sex drive, my sexual needs aren't being met in the relationship. So I guess this leaves me more open to new possibilities right now.

So I've been a little grumpier than usual and I'm not really giving John the credit he deserves. We have a pretty awesome D/s relationship and I love playing with him. And the communication is wonderful. He says the sweetest things to me that just make my heart melt. He said to me tonight that he wants a picture of me so that I can be the first thing he sees when he wakes up in the morning. He told me he used to picture his ex wife but now he thinks about me.

He really loves me for me. He's seen me an emotional mess after the issues with that girl. He's seen me wearing everything from comfy around the house clothes to way dressed up and he thinks I'm sexy no matter what. He's said he thinks if a woman isn't sexy when she's just wearing around the house clothes, then she's just not sexy. Stuff like that makes me feel so good.

I do love him. I have zero plan to replace him with Greg. I'm still worried about time issues, though. I don't know how things will shake out. I suppose I'll have to see how our date goes. Maybe there won't be the chemistry and connection in person. I dunno.
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