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Default Slowly getting back to normal... whatever THAT is.

Thanks, Mags.

I still feel like I'm coming down after a whirlwind of activity. I guess I am, so it's not too out of the ordinary, I suppose.

Paperwork for Executrix of my Mom's estate still hasn't come in. Of course, I keep throwing monkey wrenches into the works by finding things that may impact the value of Mom's estate. The latest is a piece of property in Florida that was my Dad's, that was never deeded over to Mom when he died. I scanned all the documents in and basically tagged the lawyers. They're gonna earn this fee - I guarantee it.

No idea if the 30 years of back taxes on it are going to be worth actually doing anything with it, outside of abandoning it outright... especially if it's the cliched "swampland in Florida" that people were buying left and right in the '60s and '70s.

The trailer she was living in is still in limbo. Crazy woman still has access. The police have told me I can't do anything without a Writ of Possession, which the rightful owner can't get until they get the property deeded over to them (and they have no money and no idea how to do so). In the meantime, the electricity has been shut off (because I'm not having Crazy Woman squat on Mom's electric bill), so I'm sure the place smells a bit extra-funky at this point. Joy.

I'd love to get over there and finish cleaning up for the rightful owner, but I'm kind of stuck right now. Lawyers will advise soon, hopefully. Fingers crossed.

Hell, I'm almost ready to eat the cost of asking THEM to help the rightful owners with the deed transfer just to get this going already.

Started going through the mountain of stuff. Mom had a fairly large stamp collection that I'm trying to clean the dust off (her partner of about 20 years was a chain smoker, so getting rid of the cigarette dust/funk is something I need to do), and get appraised. I have other stuff in the garage that I need to get out of there and looked at as well, but one step at a time.

Her hoarding was under control over the last year or so, but even so... I'm going to be busy for a while. And my house is going to be a total mess for a while. Again, step by step, I suppose...

Last weekend was my anniversary with Chops, which was really nice. Sadly, he didn't have the motorcycle, as the weather was too iffy, but we spent Sunday going from winery to winery and making some fun discoveries. I'm not big on fruit wine (not the ones that are super sweet like Arbor Mist, anyway), and I was extremely surprised to taste a pineapple wine that was amazingly good! I didn't buy any, figuring I can pick some up at the local butcher shop the next time we have Chinese food or ham or something. However, I did buy a couple bottles of Niagara, since it smells and tastes EXACTLY like the backyard grapes. It's a taste of home.

The other discoveries: a pumpkin wine that was lighter and less "pumpkin pie" than I expected. We bought a couple bottles to save for either Samhain or Thanksgiving. Also found a Maréchal Foch (which I hadn't tried before) that had become "sparkling" due to an accident while fermenting (too much yeast). They were blowing out the bottles for 2/$10. I found a home for a couple.

One of the wineries was also a distillery, and I liked the spirits more than the wine. They have a new spiced rum that's made with their maple liqueur. I didn't buy the rum (yet), but did buy the liqueur.

Spent the next day in Portsmouth, NH. Wanted to hit the large, flagship, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, but I forgot they were also closed on Monday. D'oh. (Yeah, that's our idea of an anniversary trip... no judging. )

Toured the USS Albacore (a once-experimental sub, now turned into a museum), ate lunch on the water, and bopped around town a bit. Bought a dress after being encouraged by both Chops and the shop owner (and some beer samples by Smuttynose, provided by said shop owner).

Both nights ended with a fire. Sunday ended with a re-commitment and private handfasting in the backyard. All in all, it was a really nice weekend.

This month has been a hell of a month, going from bad to good, with limbo in between. I know I've had my moments of feeling tetchy with time, but when the chips were down, Chops was here, and Xena was supportive. I hate the reasons behind it, but the "what if" situation - the real, live emergency - has happened, and Chops was here, by my side, the whole time I needed him to be.

I've been far from even thinking about that sort of thing for a while (or what seems like a while). Here's hoping I find myself thinking less and less about it as time goes on.

Anyhoo... Anyone wanna come over for some wine?
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