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Spent the day yesterday with Murf and the kids. Had a very good time.

Butch is having a hard time. Things are not going with Ally. She keeps putting off meeting him. It is always one excuse after another. It has been WEEKS now. I feel for him. I go into Momma bear mode when someone hurts my men. Either any of them.

Since Benny passed away (our male Scottie). I have been toying with the idea of getting back into working dogs. We currently have Monkey a 12 year old Westie (Who is still quite spry). Fiona who is a 4 yo Scottish terrier. Fiona is quite the intense little personality and very independent. (She is the dog version of But terriers are very much one person dogs. They love us all BUT Monkey is my boy. Fiona loves Butch above all else but she doesn't NEED his undivided attention. The boys, Moose and Squirrel, love the dogs. BUT terriers are not kid dogs. Squirrel especially wants a dog that he can pal around with.

Yesterday when out with Murf's friends they have a Rottie/Husky cross. Squirrel wore the poor dog out. I grew up with Rotties and Dobies. It is time for a big dog. Thursday we will be going to look at puppies. It will give something for Butch to focus on too. Plus Murf wants a Rottie. So the pup can travel back and forth with me when Butch is working. I work at a vet so I can do the shots. And vet care is cheap for me.

I am excited.
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