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Well the karaoke party was more fun and a bigger success than I had imagined it would be. We all had a blast! I hosted an impromptu potluck BBQ yesterday too, and lots of people without prior plans showed up. Fun, fun, fun!

I have so much joy in my life right now! I am writing this while PunkRock is snoring beside me, in my bed. We just had amazing sex. Each time is different, yet wonderful. Even though we are still having sex at least once a day - he keeps me humming. My sex drive doesn't feel like a curse to me anymore. It feels like an amazingly awesome bonus part of me.

June 1 will be 4 months. My NRE is still alive and well. Not that I expect it to stop. For me, it just doesn't. Actually, I feel a tremendous amount of relief - 3 months was rocky for me and M, so I was worried about reliving a similar experience, but PunkRock is so very different, thank goodness. He's not trying to get me to accept anything less than happy. He makes me smile so much! He posted this pic to me the other day on Facebook, that said he just wants me to be a princess, and I deserve orgasms and glitter. Silliness, but also super sweet.

Since PunkRock has been working a lot this past week, we haven't had any private dates. DarkKnight and I have had some great togetherness though - we went to a BBQ with a couple of my FetLife friends ( a completely vanilla event) and have had lunch together. Some shopping trips with our daughter. PunkRock and DarkKnight both took me to see Godzilla finally, Sunday night. Godzilla is my favorite ever, so it was great to see the new movie, and having both of them to hold my hands was good too. The 3 of us watched Gravity on our TV last night - though PunkRock was on the Loveseat for that. Still togetherness time!

We have a LOT of tumultuous outside events and stress right now, but I feel like my love relationships are pretty great.

PunkRock is planning on moving his bed over from his brother's house this week, so we should be able to get into a more equitable schedule soon, as to who I share my nights with. Honestly, both guys snore and are super warm furnaces when they are sleeping. Lol
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