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@kdt26417 It just so happens I was contemplating my personal relationship continuum yesterday, then today I noticed this thread. Mine is fairly close to the one you listed. Here is how I define my relationships when a definition is helpful:

One Night Stand=a one-time sexual encounter, intentionally no-strings-attached or if you just never hear from or see them again due to circumstances.

Fuckbuddies=Booty calls. You get together primarily to have sex. Maybe you have a drink or meal together once in a while, but you do not go out much together, nor do you spend the night together. There's not much, if any, hand-holding or cuddling. You wouldn't call your fb to pick you up at the airport or expect him/her to help you move.

FWB=Caring, friendship, you hang out together socially and in public, you have conversations, you might spend the night with a FWB. But you rarely pine for a FWB when they're not around. If the sexual aspect of your FWB relationship ended, you'd probably remain platonic friends with no hard feelings.

Lover=This is someone for whom you feel romantically. You are more than friends, though the relationship may or may not be headed for long-term. You want to hold and be held by a lover. Touch is a big part of this relationship, and talking. Lovers require some quality time and emotional investment.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend=Someone who has been around in your life for a while and generally knows your day-to-day comings and goings. They tend to you when you're sick, they help you move into a new house/apartment. You have some sort of commitment, spoken or unspoken, to consider them when making major decisions about your life. You spend nights together, take trips, are involved on some level in each other's social and family lives.

Life Partners/Primaries=This is who you share a home with, care of children, parents, or pets, you might share financial aspects of your lives. This person/people is your family. Your emergency contact. You are committed, legally or informally, and breaking up or losing this bond constitutes a major life change.

This continuum works for me when I'm trying to negotiate/figure out my relationships. Of course, there can be some overlap, I've had someone who stood resolutely between being my lover and my girlfriend, and I feel my current secondary could potentially evolve from FWB to lover if I choose to start spending the night with him.
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