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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Wow. I've never heard that brought up in these discussions before, but that's such a good point. Teachers spend 6 hours a day, 5 days a week with your kids... They're interacting with them, teaching them, keeping them busy... and then summer comes, and just like that, they're gone. Even live-in partners usually see kids for less time than that, what with people's busy schedules these days. But how many people say "Oh, you shouldn't send your kids to school. They'll get attached to their teachers and then it will be traumatizing when they don't see them anymore."
I agree with this point completely. I teach multiage, so I have the same students for fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. Over that time, I spend more waking hours with my kids than their parents in most cases. I grow incredibly attached to them and they to me. There isn't a last day of school that my sixth graders and I both aren't sobbing. Those kids come back to see me years later and tell me about how their lives are going. The point being - just because they moved on in their lives does not meani have not become a positive and permanent part of their lives. Really it comes down to positive and negative influences - not how long we are with them... Though with our own children, I intend that to be their whole lives.
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