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Originally Posted by sheiksquall View Post
Monogamists This right here is why I get pissed off we call you out on something as not being true and you instantly get pissed off at us. I didn't even say what was not true entirely just that somethings were not true and instantly people get defensive. It is exactly this kind of follow the leader mentality I cannot stand. The problem is that somethings are defensively true and somethings are defensively not true. You for example would have a hard time convincing me that 1+1 is 3 I am sorry its just not its a lie. Now i am not saying what is true and what is not true I am simply saying some things that I was raised to believe are absolute not true and that's all I'm saying.
Actually if you understand the science behind adding Decibels you'd know that 1 +1 can equal 3.

I'm not sure if you are actively trying to provoke an argument or are just hurting because something you care about has been taken away. Either way, Perhaps you would have an easier time communicating with your wife if you focussed on the positives of poly as opposed to pointing a bitter finger at the perceived negatives of monogamy when you talk to her? Maybe that is where you are encountering a block.

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