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It seems this thread may have been necro'd by a spammmer...BUT MrS has Bipolar II (or at least cyclothymia), I have GAD, Dude may have undiagnosed MDD, Lotus had a history of MDD with SI ... and I won't even get into possible Personality Disorders...

To be fair I ID'd as poly before my GAD surfaced so I don't credit my diagnosis as being instrumental in my ability to love more that one...

One thing I have noted, in my years of clinical experience, is that, if you add up all the numbers (1 in 20 have this, 1 in 15 have that, etc.) then MOST people carry SOME diagnosis or another. (...or some people have the majority of diangnosis ... and are REALLY crazy...)

Regardless, not everyone that can claim a diagnosis requires psychopharmacology, and meds don't work for everyone (I am, however, of the opinion that NO ONE's life is so perfect that therapy is of no use). BUT, I would encourage anyone who feels that they are not coping with their current situation to pursue therapy/treatment.
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