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Default How to find people to date while in an open marriage

My husband and I are new to the open marriage scene. We agreed a few months ago that we wanted to keep our relationship as our primary focus but have occasional sexual escapades outside of our marriage, with each other's knowledge and restrict it to once with any one person. So far it is working for us! Our own relationship is stronger and we are even having better axe with each other.

My question is....what is the best way to meet other individuals interested in unattached sex? Online sites have been frustrating for my husband since you gave to weed through scams and there seem to be less women into that then men. Bars gave been successful for me but I hate wasting my precious little time outside of my work and my family, sitting and waiting at a bar for a suitable man. Then I haven't figured out how to explain the open marriage thing. I hate bring dishonest about it.

Help, what would be the most effective for us?
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