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Originally Posted by MisterT View Post
ClockworkDragon: It's interesting you say OKC has been productive for your husband. Does he just send a lot of messages and play the numbers game? Does he only send messages to people who are poly?
He's targeted towards poly people anyway by questions, but he's talked to many non-poly people, with varying degrees of success. Honestly, it IS a numbers game... dating just is, anyway!

The woman he met thursday is poly... her husband came home while they were together, and while it kinda killed the mood, they hung out and talked a good bit after.

I wonder if it's partly a US vs UK thing. I live near one of the biggest cities in the UK, but there just isn't a big poly scene it seems. There doesn't seem to be very many poly or non-mono people on OKC who live nearby.
It's very regional. There's a larger poly community where I am than I expected it, but there are vastly more north, in Atlanta.
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