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OKC can be really frustrating for me, especially since I feel like I can't really describe myself in an online profile. My Partner gets all sorts of messages, and she is constantly on her phone sifting through the messages.

She told me that she has met some great men on the site, and I kind of want to see their profiles to see what works. For her it's more of an interest thing, and she dates people who can teach her new things regarding her specific interests.

I too have noticed that OKC might not be the best way to meet women. I've been on a few dates, and some of them have been misleading regarding their physical features or personalities. It has been discouraging, but now I consider to be a type of entertainment than anything. If something comes out of it great, if not, it's something to do.

The funny thing is that my partner has just as hard of a time connecting with other females on OKC than I do (she is pan sexual). Online dating gives people the opportunity to be choosey, and perhaps women are just more selective than men (just an observations and I know it's a generalization which is not fact).

I've also used the site to address and confront issues of rejection. It's alright, there are people out there that would love to be with me, and I also feel if most of the women that I have contacted gave me a chance, they would dig who I am. Their loss really.
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