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ClockworkDragon: It's interesting you say OKC has been productive for your husband. Does he just send a lot of messages and play the numbers game? Does he only send messages to people who are poly?

I wonder if it's partly a US vs UK thing. I live near one of the biggest cities in the UK, but there just isn't a big poly scene it seems. There doesn't seem to be very many poly or non-mono people on OKC who live nearby.

I've played with my profile quite a bit, and I think my photos are pretty good ... the profile picture I'm using here is an example. In terms of the written profile, opinions vary it seems. Some people say you should write lots to get something that clicks with someone. Others say keep it short and fairly mysterious. Person A tells me to put something in, Person B tells me to take it out ...

I will definitely try exploring some of the fet, geek and pagan scenes ... those are good tips
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