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OKC has been pretty productive for my husband. He went out with a girl last night who ended up being pretty good; they even made it to the bedroom, and while it ended before they were ready to, they both want to do it again. He went on another date earlier in the week.

I guess it depends on a lot of factors; if you're in a smaller area, it's going to be harder, just because there's not a lot of people. OKC doesn't show me anymore useful matches, it's the same ones. I'm not dating, atm though. The key to those is usually going to be an attractive profile. Be funny, honest, and verbose. Two lines and a bathroom selfie are not going to attract the ladies. YOu have a huge amount of competition, so you have to stand out.

I've heard similar things, though; OKC is about the best option as far as online dating goes, but it's still less than fantastic.
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