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I'm hosting a mom's night out tonight at my house. It's focused on karaoke. We play all the time here, so it's no big deal to me. I had 12 people sign up, and I am currently down to 6. On one hand, this is great because we were going to be crowded in my living room, but on the other, it sucks when people do this. I spent a crapton of money on food and alcohol. The good news is that DarkKnight & I are going to a BBQ tomorrow at a FetLife friend's house, so anything we have leftover, we can take there.

It is still aggravating. It annoys me. I should expect it though - this isn't an isolated thing - every event seems to have people drop out last minute, and I always feel bad for the organizers.

PunkRock has to work all weekend, and he messaged me today that he is going to his brother's house tonight to care for the bird. I hadn't anticipated this, so I'm a little bummed. Not a lot, because hey, mom's night out at my house! Still, I have a little sad. He promises to get out of work early on Sunday so I can finally see Godzilla, so that is also a positive.

Well, I need to finish setting up my tables. Ciao!
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