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GG, I'm glad you understand I'm trying to help, and I do understand where you're coming from. I'm not missing that dynamic between the two of you.

But there *is* something it seems like you might be missing even though you keep saying it yourself:

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I made myself into what she needed, when she needed it.
What happens when who you are to her is defined by her telling you what she needs & wants and then you "making yourself" into whatever you perceive that to be?

Take it one step further and contemplate what happens when she STOPS telling you what she needs & wants you to be... Because what she wants is for you to be YOU.

What happens when she realizes you don't know who you are unless she is defining it for you with her expectations?? And she realizes that is NOT what she wants.

I can imagine that would leave you feeling very lost, confused and not knowing what you are to her or where you stand...

Just my observation, take it for what you will.
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