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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
When I was open to dating I met people in real life.

I met my husband Murf through the classic car scene.
I love that visual. Classic car scene ..

I am pretty much the same way, traditional worked for me.

I have met a few people online, but I also was never looking at the time. One was through my communication on this site and the other was okc.

In all cases, ever.. the only time I have ever hooked up with anyone is when I wasn't looking....

Hes mey someone off fetlife and a couple new people from a stat trek convention. Seems the fet, geeky, or pagan scenes are great places to meet open minded people.
I have more or less heard this as well, and my friends also meet up this way. It seems that going to events and places where you can find a common interest outside of simply being poly.. helps. Conferences, meetups etc.

Geeks, pagans, larping etc...
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