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Things are a bit in limbo with crazy woman at the moment, and I really REALLY hope to hear from the lawyers soon...

Baby sis is trying to get in touch with the other set of kids (who actually DO own the trailer). I'm assuming they'll need to get their paperwork in order to set the deed straight, and that will take time. Meanwhile, the trailer is no longer part of mom's estate, although the stuff in it is.

(Some background - Crazy Woman wanted the old, decrepit furniture that was in the place, since it was hers with her ex... I didn't want to take it out, so said sure, figuring she'd assume ownership of the place eventually, and assuming the deed was correct, which it wasn't. The divorce decree, however, stated that they each got the furniture they wanted, in their possession, so she can go pound sand at this point.)

Crazy Woman changed the locks, so I have no access. I have a feeling I'll need to take a day out of work, get the police and Crazy Woman's daughter there, and take the rest of the stuff out of the trailer with witnesses. If there's stuff left... You see, she was caught trying to remove stuff yesterday.

And I live two hours away.

What a piece of friggin' work.

Anyhoo... getting back to work this week was a welcome respite, but I always find myself finding nice, soothing things to say BACK to the people who come give me their condolences. It leads for a long day of chit-chatting, which is fine, but having that same conversation over and over again is draining after a while. I know everyone means well, though, so I don't really feel like I can beg off.

May has gone so fast because of all this. Mother's Day? Not as horribly difficult as I'd thought it would be, because I spent it with my kids and my sister, and then picked my other sister up at the airport. Some tears for sure, but the day was an overall blur, and my kids helped make it better. The rest of the month? Where the hell did it all go? It's Memorial Day weekend already, which is my anniversary weekend with Chops. Insane that it's come up so quickly, and I am so overwhelmed with stuff. He offered to do our thing a different weekend, but I didn't want to do that. It'll be good to keep our traditions.

Middle Sis texted me last night, sad... she would call mom on her days off and she was feeling the hole. I called her and we chatted for a bit, which was nice. I'm thankful we're all feeling closer after this, although I hate the reason for it.

In lighter news, I had a great wine talk with my exterminator.
He came by for the yearly application, and we got chatting about various wines, and he recommended some things that sounded more interesting than traditional ("Orion" by Sean Thackrey, and another wine called "Anarchy"). Probably too rich for my blood, but maybe something to try on an anniversary... hmmmmm... I know one that's coming up.

We talked about one of the local wineries as well (when I mentioned not being able to find Cabernet Franc in this area all that much), so I think Chops and I, as we head out to the seacoast on Sunday and Monday, will hit a couple of these wineries on the way. Yum.

Now to clean the house a bit. All the beautiful flowers are starting to go, so it's time to make one good bouquet out of the four sad-looking ones. And to figure out what the hell to do with this enormous stamp collection. Oh, and pay my own bills that I've forgotten about. Sigh.

Later, all...
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