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Life is still pretty good.

Things between Murf and I are going well. I got to have a nice kid free day with him yesterday and this morning. I got to sleep in snuggling up with him. I hate to say it I sleep so much better with him than Butch. He has had some concerning health issues as of late. But at our age it isn't too unexpected. Yet I am thankful for everyday I have with him.

Today we went to the local health food store to pick up some homeopathic remedies for the cold Murf thinks he is coming down with. We had to buy a lawn mower for the house today. Got a nice John Deere mower for $30. Used but works perfect. I mowed the yard while he trimmed trees.

Afterwards we snuggled as we watched tv before I had to head to the other house. We had a quickie before I had to go to be home in time for the kids.

Butch and I have hit a bump or two. He just does not respect my boundaries re the whole BDSM issue. He also has lately been trying to play the couple privilege card. I had to put an end to that.
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