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Originally Posted by LoveBunny View Post
Much thanks, @swirlingnurse. The world just isn't set up for people like us, is it? As much as I crave women, I'm not about to resort casual sex with a man watching, nor will I be some bicurious woman's "experiment," or accept anything less than an awesome, fully empowered woman who engages me mind, body, and heart.
I totally agree LoveBunny. I know how those cravings for a woman is because they are ferocious. When I"m making love to a woman, I don't want a man around as much as I love men. Get that woman who is proud and confident and is all in on having a same-sex relationship with you and not trying to just "test the waters". I hope it happens in the near future for you.
I am D, a bisexual Cougar (white)
J is my younger, heterosexual husband (black)
P is my younger, heterosexual boyfriend (black)
S is my bisexual best friend and girlfriend (white)
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