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Default Bwahahahahahaha!

I had something else that I've been meaning to write, but instead I have to share this...

Cuckoo crazy woman? Who wanted us to turn the key over to her and let her sleep there THE DAY OF THE WAKE?

That one?

Yeah... She has no claim to the house.

I just heard back from the lawyers - the place was given to her husband in the divorce, and thus goes to his kids (from a prior relationship than theirs) upon his death.

Which fills me with laughter and merriment... and a little bit of wondering what she did to the place when she was there.

I don't typically like wishing ill on someone, but in this case? She walked into the barn door with her eyes wide open. Game. Set. Match.

I shall toast my lawyers with a glass of wine tonight.

(Happy dancing across the house... tweeelelelelelele...)
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