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Default I want to give you advice but am not sure where to start. I wondering if the therapist wanted poly people to discuss compersion with you...the idea that you can be happy someone you love is in love, it in turn brings you joy. But I feel like this would be extremely hard for you because your love is unrequited. You could tell her....but it sounds like that might end your friendship, make it awkward or maybe she'd be nice and supportive. BUT doesn't sound like it would return the love/sexual attraction.

Im no therapist, but it sounds like you have a budding sexuality. Can you figure out what it was about her that turned you on, finally flared sexual awareness for you? Can you look for this in other people? If you discuss how you feel with her, could she possibly help you? Maybe go on double dates etc?

Jealousy is hard enough to deal with when you are together. My answer to that comes from the book The Ethical Slut, jealous means you want something from the person you are feeling this towards and should seek out what you need, not hold it against them they have something else. Im not sure this would work for you.

Im sorry if this wasn't too helpful, best of luck to you

Just went over to your profile and see you are both female. I have fooled around with a girlfriend while we were both wasted...but romantically we both like men. I wouldn't have a relationship with her and maybe we'll fool around again but its more heteroflexible than bi. if your friend isn't bi, or is and prefers men, could also add to this.
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