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I know I shouldn't but I can't help feeling after having read Kevins list that "I'm doing it wrong". It's really stupid I know. It's just that I feel I have real relationships. Real romantic relationships, but I wouldn't dare call either of then bf/gf-level of relationship. And one of these doesn't even include sex, but the emotions is just so strong and out in the open for anyone to see that it's hard to not feel like it is a relationship. I think the list needs a lot of work still. It's sort of one-dimensional (relationship=sex) and I do think the line Kevin drew is very arbitrary and propably just based on his own values/opinion.

Oh and for terminology… I use love-friend and lover-friend. One is a lover and one is love.

FWB makes me feel like sex is a common hobby, some sort of sport, like bouldering or playing tennis together. Recreational fun. I just don't feel like that about sex. It's fun, but it's not a sport for me.
Me: female, solo poly, two children.
Mir: Lover-friend, with wife and child
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