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Thanks, NYC - here's something that kind of illustrates how the week went with me and my sisters (and Chops)... Something Mom held onto for over 35 years, since I wrote this when I was about 6, on my first typewriter:

Although the text doesn't convey the CORREXXCTIONS and ALL CAPS (hey, it was a cheap plastic toy typewriter!), here it is, in all its glory... typos, spelling mistakes, and all... the story of "White Wildred":

Of corse you know Black Beauty but do you know White Wildred? Well if you do not know I will tell you.

White Wildred lives in a barn. With Black Beauty. So you should know by now that White Wildred is a freind of Black Beauty. He lived for 9 yaers!! Even Black Beauty liked him. Well White Wildred even liked Black Beauty but there was one problem. They were too jealous. Why they were jealous was this: They had too many girl freinds and they fougt about it. This made them feel sorry so sorry that they cried together. They have an owner of corse but he is very mean. All he feeds him is mice and flies! I do not know why but he does. I know what they like best. A bath! Now that thier master knows he doesn't give them baths too often! One day their master died so they had to find another. Black Beauty and White Wildred found one. Well this one is better! He fed them good stuff like hay and grass and water. Boy they never had anything like it! They loved him and they liked him when they had time. That is why I know they love him. And thier new master kisses them too!

Chapter 2
Robert Idd Vass is the name of the master of the horses. He'll take care of them for God if he was still alive. Well thier new owner loved them. Robert had a dog. The dog was nice to White Wildred so White Wildred was nice to him! Black Beauty however goes out to play but White Wildred doesn't beacause he is sick. Pretty soon he got better which is good but he still diden't go out beacause it was winter. Pretty soon Robert got married and they had a little baby! It was quite a time before they had a cat the cat was beautiful it was black and white. He was mabye a siamiese cat it was cute! Do you know what Black Beauty did? After, when the child was 5 years old he started playing with the horses. The boy had a lot of money he had $34.97! Well, that is a lot off money! The child played a lot on the teeter/totter. It was fun! One day the dog had a fight with the cat and the cat had an fight with a mouse! And this is the end!


I damn near peed myself as Chops dramatically read this in front of me and Baby Sis. I laughed out loud while typing it in again. OMFG. It's times like these that balance out Crazy Woman. She's inconsequential. This? Priceless.

(And yeah, I know my first name is in there... NBD. It's common enough anyway. Last name hasn't been my last name since I was 6. )
Dramatis personae:
Me: 47/F, Divorced with 2 kids, 2 cats, fish, a tarantula, and a 1930s house with many projects.
Chops: 48/M, Partner of 6 years.
Spinner: 52/M, Friend I went on a couple dates with. Divorced, Mono, "just friends".
Xena: 47/F, Chops' partner of 6 years
Curls: 50/F, Chops' partner of 1 year

Supporting Characters:
Choplet: Chops' son
DanceGirl: My oldest daughter
Pokégirl: My youngest daughter

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