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Default flagging belief in poly

Hey all, haven't written a lot lately. A lot has happened in the last year. I am currently having issues with my own spouse (not about being poly) while after a yaer and a half, still very much in love with my boyfriend. Ive tried having both as primaries...and its hard, maybe too hard? When it comes down to it with my spouse and I being disconnected I'd rather have just my boyfriend, and maybe that's part of the problem.

Here is the thing, lately every poly couple I know is splitting up. My poly therapist is getting divorced, my friend who was such a big support and a swinger doesn't want to swing anymore after getting so jealous at her hubs last outing, my boyfriends marriage fell apart....honestly the list goes on. Im not sure I can/want to do this anymore. Being mono with the BF isn't an option...and I don't want to be with hubs (not right now anyway). It bothers be very much when my boyfriend dates. I fear I only became poly to avoid a crumbling marriage.

Any input on how I could still see poly as this great thing in all this?
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