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And luckily, I don't qualify as an "ordinary" person, so it's easy for me to visualize weird shiz like emotional intimacy. But whatev's; I won't argue with "romantic" as a "superior" substitute, if it's all that important.

Re (from mmkeekah):
"'Verbal trouble?' LOL"
No, it's a real thing!

"I don't even know what that means."
It just means (a lot of) people were ragging on me (in concert). "Stop spreading such a damaging definition for that word! Polyamory doesn't mean *this,* it means *that.*" I got lectured (at length), if you will. Didn't kill me but didn't put a cherry on top of a "perfect" day either. I learned my lesson; next time I won't bother quoting the authoritative sources, I'll just "speak from the heart."

Psshhhh; and "standard" is such a subjective word, as it turns out. Crazy.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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