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Semantics comment about being bi-polar was directed at XYZ not you Stargazer. Please read all thru the posts. If it wasn't clear I'm sorry. And it makes no diff if you have lucid periods or are in remission of your bi-polar-ness, you are still bi-polar abd have a mental illness. An alcoholic who no longer drinks is still an alcoholic.

Regarding "asexuality", my definition is someone who doesn't want sex. Can you have poly love, yes. Can you fully experience poly love without sex, no. That is an impossiblity. It is the deepest expression of love there is. Holding hands, just doesn't cut it, on that level. But do what works for you. I don't care. It's what makes you happy and fulfilled. There is no right or wrong. Makes no diff if you're bi, asexual, gay, straight, makes no diff........

I agree that sex without love is only swinging, I don't think you'll get any argument from the people on this forum. This is not about "open relationships".
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