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OK guys... I feel like a dweeb,

On a whim, I went out for lunch by myself at Becks Prime Restaurant/Sports bar...Not the place that Estrella works.

I sat down and sitting across from me was a sweet looking interesting attractive woman, also dining along. I first thought she was waiting for somebody because she was texting.

I was thinking about asking if I could join her after a minute of sitting there.

I ordered my Shiner Bock beer and glanced at her every so often. She kept playing on her Iphone. I orders my burger and sweet potato fries.

Still Nobody came to meet her. Still wanting to join her for lunch.

So the food comes and I was still chicken to ask.

I finish by burger and beer and leave.. Kicking myself in the ass for missing an opportunity to meet a new person...

What would y'all do if a stranger wanted to join you for lunch.

This was a woman by herself, in a sports bar, eating alone. She wasn't in a hurry and played with her IPhone most of the time. She wasn't there to watch sports news and she had a salad. People go to Becks usually for the burgers.

Yes, I am officially a nerd.
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