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Housekeeping updates:

PunkRock left this morning to go back to his brother's house to care for the parrot and pick up some items. He will be back tonight - we are going to play trivia later.

My father in law was transferred to Hershey Hospital for surgery, so DarkKnight left this morning to head up there, and barring complications, he will be home tonight as well.

LordTenderHeart got the news that he can enter rehab on the 28th, but he won't be here at my house the entire time between now and then, he is prolly going to his dad's at the end of the week.

I'm handling some homeschooling stuff today with my youngest and awaiting an 11am repair guy arrival for our central air unit.

Yesterday I made changes to my cell phone plan and added PunkRock's phone to the account. This will result in substantial savings for him, so it was much needed. I told him he is now locked into a contract with me, so we can't break up for 18 months.

I am soooo tired right now. I am going to try and fall back asleep for a while.
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