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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
You answered your own question, you have a mental illness. You are bipolar, thus the reason for your "asexuality" due to no desire to have sex. It doesn't mean it's wrong to be asexual, it's just you have a def reason why you are. I rest my case.
Ummmm no. Look up bipolar. During the course of the illness there are many many many stable periods, even years, where a person does not suffer from any mental/emotional upset. I had asexual points during ups, downs, and periods of stability all. Which leads me to the conclusion-I was just asexual.

I'm not trying to fight. I did just start as a member. But you seem unnaturally disturbed by the notion of asexuality. Do you associate poly love with poly sex? I was under the impression that in truly polyamoros people sex equals love but love does not have to equal sex. (Isn't this what the two arms of a V are to eachother?) Love without sex is still love. Sex without love is closer to swinging.
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