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Kip is away. Sent me a link for one of the hotels. All I could do not to chew an arm off in frustration. My big envy trigger is travel, by a long shot. But I am working on my travel fund, so positive steps to make something happen.

And speaking of travel, Prof invited me to go to New Orleans for the weekend, pay for my ticket. I did not get my hopes up ( apart from gooling hurricane cocktails) and just as well cause ex said he can't/won't take the kids for the weekend.
I have Friday night off only. I think this is the 7th weekend in a row. This is the man who wants 50/50 time share.

So much travel frustration for me. But I am expecting my tent to get delivered tonight. Just the same as 4 star hotels and rooms on stilts over the ocean, right?

That has been on my bucket list for years, a room on stilts over the ocean. Joe said he will get his travel fund started, he has an idea about on island in Honduras. I would pay a crazy amount for one night is a stilt room and indeed most of them are a crazy amount. We shall see.

The man plan for the week is Prof tomorrow and go stay at Joe's on Friday. We might see Joe and Minijoe tonight if they come up for a swim, it is very hot.

Class is going ok. Picking away it every day and night. I simply don't have the time to do it in marathon sessions. Joe helped me with the tech side last week which was much appreciated.The deadline is Sunday but she wants it handed in on Friday night. Doesn't that make the deadline Friday?
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