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I hope no-one minds that I'm resurrecting this thread. I just found this article on my own and wanted to ask if anyone has any experiences on radical honesty. I remember seeing someone say in some thread that they practise this with their spouse (which is why weeks later I googled the term).

I feel total honesty could be very exhausting and also unnesessarily rude, but I understand the point about being present and taking the storm the honesty causes and moving on together afterwards.

I feel I'm a lot more honest than most people. I have a reputation for it, it is a quality that is appreciated actually. People ask me for opinion on their art, because they know I will tell my honest opinion. Apparently I've somehow learned to do it in a way that isn't too harsh. I don't know how.

For a long time I kept quiet instead of telling the truth, but I find that these past few years that I've tried to learn to be more open and honest about everything my life has become easier and I connect with people a lot better. I think I've started to value honesty and openness above other things. Haven't really thought about it like that before.

So what are your experiences? If you don't have any, would you give it a try?
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