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This is GG- BTW. On LR's lap top.

MidnightSun: I know you are struggling to understand just as many probably are. I'm also trying to understand myself. And , truly, I appreciate your support, advise and emotion regarding this situation. But there's something I'm not sure you realize you're missing here. In everything you've written to me and your comments on my posts. I've spent over 16 years being a "servant" to LR. Maca saw it as a puppy dog "love me,don't leave me, I need you" type of leach, who whould do anything and everything for her just to have a pat on the head. But the reality is that from the very begining, I was the ONLY one that never passed judgment on her, never accused her of ANYTHING, never blamed her for anything, never tried to prove her wrong, or even show her how she might BE wrong. I was her shoulder to cry on. My arms are where she felt safest and most loved. My ears were her venting machine. My eyes reflected the best of who she was/is. And I always, always made sure she knew that even when the world was shitting on her for whatever reason under the sun, she was loved. Unconditionally,without reguard, without selfishness. Loved with the sole desire to see her happy. I needed no pat on the head, but just to see her smile and hear her laugh and know that she's okay. It's only when I tried to break from that and be more "of the world" if you will, did I start to lose that in myself. It was always important, SHE was always important,but eventually I didn't believe I was important enough to her and thought that eventually she wouldn't need me...
"Love As Thou Wilt"

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