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sleeeeeeeeppppp, for me a huge one... that and absolutely no alone time, EVER. good thing I hate to be alone.

there is one other for me that I struggle with and that is guilt. Of course this stems from my up bringing and is brought on by my family almost daily. I fight it quite often and it is one of the reasons I don't want to ever be alone. As soon as I spend time alone it seeps in.

Other than that I have all the other negative symptoms mentioned here

I hear you Mono about "poly" everything. I think that is largely due to who we hang out with. Some of the people we hang out with sometimes like to schedule everything and make sure we are all moving along nicely in our poly journey so to speak. It's just not our way Mono, that's all. Some people like to have their lives scheduled that much, we don't.... but I think we have balanced that with other things now, at least more and more anyways. that comes from normalization I think.
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