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In non poly news, my middle child, a 27 year old daughter, is getting married today. This is not great news to me, but then again, great news rarely comes from her direction. She's been with the guy over 2 years, I've met him a couple times, I don't hate him, but you see, my daughter is mentally ill and has had a serious struggle with her disease, Borderline Personality Disorder, and has struggled with bipolar issues, substance abuse, self harm and eating disorders for half her life. We've been estranged for about a year and a half, because, despite my efforts at helping her and trying to just be her mom, the last 2 times she called me were to demand money, and cursing at me when I refused.

But a few weeks ago, I saw her announce on Facebook, that she got "born again" at her bf's church, and then on Wednesday of this week, she called to invite me to her wedding, on Mother's Day, today. This gave me 4 days to get ready to go to my daughter's wedding.

She sounded manic. Everything is now "incredible." She's been off drugs and cigarettes for 25 days! I am going to go to her regular church service with miss pixi today, then the actual marriage vows will be in the pastor's office. My ex h is hosting a lunch afterward, if he managed to get reservations, because, Mothers Day.

When you have a child, you don't expect these kinds of things. Hard to deal with. I do hope Jesus and this new church community helps her on her journey to health and happiness.

So, I need to drive up to the Lowell area for that. Then drive miss pixi to her evening date in Boston, since her taking the train in no longer works. Then I drive back to my town alone, until she comes home on the train late.

In poly news, Ginger went to his drum and dance last night, and even though he told me a plan he and Carla had at one point, of having Carla back to his place afterward, was postponed ("moving more slowly") I see from our chat box he signed off at 1:44AM, 2 hours past his usual bedtime, and he did NOT say good night before signing off. He ALWAYS says good night to me. It's almost an Aspie ritual with him. I am usually away from keyboard when he says it, but he says it anyway. sigh... I wasn't pleased to see this, when I got online this morning. Breaking our agreements is not a good way to get me to feel compersion for this relationship.

In better news, yesterday miss pixi and I completed removing the sod from a new garden bed we are planning. That took a lot of hours, and my muscles are sore, but I am grateful my back is now better and I can do a project like this.
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