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DarkKnight's birthday was yesterday and I did my best to make it great. I brought him breakfast in bed, and then when he left to pick up my son from work, our daughter and I quick decorated the dining room with balloons and streamers, and so greeted his return with cake and festivities. And presents. Then, he and I went out for lunch and together time at Starbucks. That afternoon we played the Mr. Card game I had bought him as a gift. In the evening, PunkRockAwesomesauce joined us for a show at the local dinner theater, which was a fun comedy. After, I had sexytimes with my husband, and gave him a pretty great blowjob, if I do say so myself.

Today was less wonderful, as my father in law was admitted to hospital. We just arrived back home, in fact. My FIL has end-stage esophageal cancer and unfortunately it is pretty much all through his body. He had a blood transfusion tonight so he is looking better for the time being. It is a difficult time for DarkKnight, and what was awesome that we returned home and PunkRock had not only made dinner for my kids, but also finished up the laundry and made both my bed AND DarkKnight's bed. It was so wonderful to not have to worry about household garbage like that. PunkRock's picking up the pieces after we had to leave suddenly today just cemented in my mind even more how wonderful this type of poly is, and how wonderful a guy PunkRock is himself. I mean, wow.

I did get my van back on Thursday and I am trying to regain my optimism. The trip to the hospital wasn't very positive, but PunkRock at least made the coming home part great.
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