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Originally Posted by sheiksquall View Post
I never meant it as an insult that's all I'm saying. Also i feel like my views on being poly are not accepted in society and that its because monogamists belive that they are so right they have made it illegal and shameful I am not ashamed of being poly I love that I can share my love with many people. We poly are repressed and sometimes i get a little heated over that
I believe in soul mates. I have met several of them. My connection to Mono, Polyneridst, my ex-girlfriend when I was 23, etc. all soul mates and why I love them all. They were different somehow and felt like they came to me and me to them from another time entirely. I can't explain that and don't look for it, but I also can't deny it either. I just believe that you can have more than one.

Btw, not all mono's are bad news... just the ones that don't know about poly and feel threatened by it... why? because it makes them uncomfortable would be my guess and no one likes to feel uncomfortable. Some people when they feel uncomfortable try and control, others try and learn in order to understand and accept. Perhaps finding the latter would suit you more?

As for the topic at hand?
I hope that you find what you are looking for and with time and patience and of course mutual respect, compassion and communication that what is meant to be will be.
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