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I think you hit the nail on the head NYC, comfort and distraction. I can do that

Busy week with work and class.
Saw Kip yesterday. He totally annoyed me by not cancelling Thursday in a timely manner, I had to chase him up for a yea or nay less than an hour before the scheduled meeting, having previously sent 2 IMs. I later sent an IM which said it is rude to not cancel, especially as he had decided the day before.
I got a phone call and offer for lunch on Friday, I couldn't do that, but we did meet later in the afternoon for some fun. He is heading off for his trip on Monday so I wont see him for a couple of weeks.

I stayed overnight at Joe's. I drank wine. When will I learn? 2 glasses and then a sake with OJ. I had my first experience of "not remember the next day" sex. I remember the start and him saying do you want to lay down at the end. I have no recollection of anything in between. Poor man was "horrified" when I confessed this afternoon, he said he hoped I didn't think he "took advantage" of me. If I was on top I am not sure how he could of, lol.
He said the sex was "outstanding" wish I could remember it. Haha. Never had that happen before. Funny experience.

Prof is back early from his trip, wants to come and hang out tonight. Definite increase in the number of texts. Little chit chat things, fairly constantly throughout the week. Comfort and distraction.
Me: mid 40s female.
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