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Hi Marcus!
Thanks so much for replying. Reading all your advices were helpful to let me reflect on my situation. I will look at Golden Nuggets and hopefully start a serious conversation about where to go between all three of us soon.

I know you mentioned not to encourage mediating between them. Could you elaborate on how that would affect me in becoming an equal partner (since that is something I hope for in the end)? I always encourage them to talk to each other, but sometimes, I feel like I get sucked into it because they have an easier time expressing themselves to me than to each other.

Additionally, when you said:
Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
Relationships develop according to personality chemistry and time spent together (more or less). They do NOT develop simply because we decide we want them to. This is one of the expectations you guys should DEFINITELY talk about.
towards me asking about how the wife and my relationship will develop. What would you recommend in terms of what to talk about in this situation? And do you mean between her and I, or all three of us?
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